Traffic & Transport Planning

The issue of Traffic and Transport is well recognized as a chronic problem in our towns and cities. Traditionally, the solution of traffic problems was supposed to lay in capital intensive road construction programs. However, the modern science Traffic Management presents a variety of cost effective solutions for streamlining the flow of Traffic. The Traffic Engineering Wing of Dimen Associates, under the supervision of one of its Directors, is in a position to offer a full range of consultancy services in areas related to Traffic Management & Control, Safety Studies, Transport Investment Feasibility Studies, Designing of Street Furniture, Road Signs and Markings, Traffic Signals, Area Traffic Control Schemes and Design of Public Transport Operations.

Although, consultancy in Traffic and Transport Sector in Pakistan is in the initial stages, yet its need is growing rapidly with the fast increasing number of vehicles and the Government is in the process of making institutional changes at National and Regional levels in order to deal with traffic problems. Dimen Associates have already mobilized themselves to meet the challenge of the future.

The company is presently working as a consultant with Pakistan Society for improvement of Traffic & Transport, on a project concerning the causes and remedies of traffic Accidents in Pakistan. It also has the experience of rendering its services to World Bank projects in Multan, Lahore and Peshawar.

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