Meet Our Team


Tariq Latif – H.O.D. Engineering

My comments would be based highly on the functionality of a building. At a deign stage, the designer let himself loose and forgets the ‘not so romantic’ realities of stability and functionality. I admire the consciousness people possess these days, but we should be more rational with our everyday designs to have a better and safe future.

Farhan Riaz – H.O.D. Architecture

I believe architects are ‘designers for all’. They have the power to visualize and to change the way we live. Every movement of the tiniest molecule in the body, the humungous alleys of an urban context, forming a whole city, and all forms of living indicate that its ‘WE’ who are responsible to provoke a change.

Iqra Yousuf – Town Planner

Tahir Bin Latif – Electrical Engineer

Ms. Talat Latif – Manager HR

Nadeem Ahmed – General Manager Operations

Kamran – Finance Manager