Dimen Associates (Pvt) Ltd.




Normally Architecture is considered as an art of planning in three dimensionality, but Dimen’s approach towards Architecture considers “time” as a fourth dimension a concept which enables us to plan the projects keeping in view the possible future requirements.read more

Town Planning

Every day increasing Urban Problems in our towns and cities are a challenge of our time. Unfortunately enough, up till now, the planning profession in Pakistan is in its infancy stages. In terms of time, we stand where Europe was in the beginning of the nineteenth century.read more


Firm provides multi-disciplinary engineering and design services related to development of commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and infrastructure development projects. The capabilities of Dimen Associates (Pvt) Ltd. include the implementation and…read more

Project Management

Project management is the key for effective and efficient implementation of the projects. The company offers management and operation through its highly skilled and qualified management professionals having vast experience of large scale and multi-disciplinary projects. Main components of Project management are…read more

Traffic & Transport Planning

Traffic problems are increasing in cities rapidly and there is a need to study the issues professionally and provide suitable solutions. The company is well equipped to provide proposals related to traffic management, transportation planning, parking issues, public transport and road geometry.read more


The company also provides its professional services to banks and other financial institutions for survey, evaluation and assessment of current and fixed assets regarding land, building and machinery. Company is on the approved panel of Pakistan Banks Associates in Category-I for land, building and machinery ranging to any amount.read more

Expertise in Self Fund Generating Projects

The company is highly experienced in launching self fund generating projects by applying urban planning techniques.Few well projects are Sheikhupura Stadium, Pak Arab Housing Scheme and River Edge Housing Scheme read more